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Uniquely, Sushi Art Surrey's specialty is making decorated sushi which is a new idea we intend to introduce to the whole of the UK, even though we have established our business in Godalming in Surrey.


Decorating sushi stems from the concept of food not only being delicious, but appealing and fun. This popular Japanese pastime is especially delightful in presenting fun characters and celebration imagery at parties and special events. Art within food finds favour with everyone. Presenting sushi as flowers such as roses, peach blossoms, or cherry blossoms; animals such as the face of a horse, rabbits, and pandas; insects such as dragonflies, beetles, butterflies, and so on brings smiles to more than just children and only imagination limits what can be made.


Decorated sushi has a long history as geometric pattern which has its origin in a local custom in Chiba Prefecture on the eastern side of Japan near Tokyo.


This kind of patterned sushi is called MATSURI Sushi.


Matsuri means festival so people make special sushi in a show of their hospitality which is called OMOTENASHI. Nowadays people tend to try for more entertaining patterns, something fun to delight children and the young at heart. 

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