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Why I Started Sushi Art Surrey



Eating is not just for maintaining and developing the body. I believe elegant and delicious food influences you and your life. We become happier when we have good meals.

So what is a good meal?


My personal culture was primarily influenced by Japan but now it’s much wider than that. I have been very lucky with my experiences in Asian and Western cultures. In the Japanese culture we traditionally use fire for cooking each meal. On the other hand, I‘ve learned from Western culture that simple is a convenience. A combination of both styles of cooking should apply to your lifestyle in consideration of your health.


Cooking can be fun, therapeutic, and relaxing. It should not be looked upon as something inconvenient. And then you will grow accustomed to it and make it a habit.

Of course you will enjoy the taste of your cooking! You are happy as well as making happy the people around you. I believe this idea should be encouraged from young ages onward to develop your taste and cooking skills. Learning life-skills in our youth encourages us to apply these skills in later life.


Consequently, my aim with Sushi Art Surrey is to teach methods of how we can enjoy making as well as eating with my expert skills. I endeavour to connect with and enjoy life with young people to adults.

Perhaps my expertise is a food niche, but lasting impressions are made from experiencing the use of specialist skills and the tastes of different foods. It may just be the start of your journey to know the enormous variety of meals and tastes.


There is a worsening diet-related crisis in the UK which is evidenced by the prevalence of obesity and underdeveloped immunity. I strive towards cultivating healthy eating habits as this is especially important for young people. I am sure you will be much healthier when you broaden your taste and find that eating can be fun.


For further information please contact us.


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