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  Kids’ Party    


Cost: from£25/pp* 

Making sushi together!

Making & eating is double the fun!

Do you know what meaning of sushi is? Sushi is not raw fish or raw fish and rice at all.

‘Sushi’ means marinated RICE with seasoning. If you have no special requirements, then

the standard menus are kid-friendly and healthy. On the other hand, we will provide any

ingredient that suits your requirements. You can request a bespoke order from the menu

as you prefer because of allergies or personal preference.


I will bring all ingredients and equipment.

The focus is on having fun and developing sushi-making skills step by step.

Sushi is very popular in UK and this is very sophisticated and technically advanced idea.

Why don’t you be a sushi chef one day!


Optional extra 120 minute  

plus a choice of up to two activities:




Cost from £250*


*Travelling fee extra



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