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Frequently asked questions


If there is a specific question you have regarding what we do or what you would like do not hesitate to either phone or email us. Contact details are on the contact page.

Do you deliver?


We do deliver. In order to maintain freshness, we deliver within a limited distance. 

Where can I have the session?


At our place in Godalming, or we can come to you.

Can you do vegetarian sushi?


Sure thing, but the ingredients you request have a bearing on what creations can be assembled because substitutes have different consistencies and textures, besides colours and taste.

I've never made any kind of sushi before. Can I do decorated sushi?


Of course, but for those people who have never been introduced to the art of sushi making we recommend that they first attend a standard sushi-making session before embarking on the more complicated decorative sushi-making so that you can get the basic techniques understood beforehand.

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