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Sushi Classes

We're flexible, bespoke for you.

The kinds of flora, fauna, and all things great and small you might like to make or have made, along with all the delicious recipes for the more familiar sushi accompanying your request, are up to you. Your order will be presented as bespoke as can be fulfilled in consideration with the ingredients you specify.

We are not mass producers. It is more for the individual tastes and fancies you have. Let us tailor your individual session to your wants, or your event to your needs, or your workplace activity to your special theme.


Classes can be provided at your home, office, or school. It’s really fun and impressive, giving you much satisfaction and confidence! The only equipment required is a large table and chairs, we bring everything else.

If you are considering having fun making your own yummy and beautiful decorated sushi, let’s do it together! Even as a Team development activity. You can do it! At your workplace, team work is essential and there needs to be strong bonds with one another. To develop those ties, doing challenges together such as making decorative sushi is a fun and relaxing way to promote cooperation among your colleagues especially as everyone will approach it at the same level of expertise.



Private classes in Decorated Sushi instruction are between one and one and a half hours each lesson. We cater for the novice and the more experienced sushi maker with three levels of tutorial: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can also request any of your own theme ideas. Explanations are given throughout each stage of the process.




We also provide demonstrations of sushi-making to you and your friends, or colleagues.


When you have a home party or a party at your office or school, you can try your hand at decorated sushi or just eating it ready made. Either way it's an extra essence of you to your friends and family!

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