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Satomi Mizuno-Lewis Sushi Instructor




Satomi is the first official decorated sushi instructor in the UK from the Japan Sushi Instructor Association (JSIA).




Throughout her life her first love was cooking and towards this calling for 2 years she trained under, and assisted, her direct regional master Sumiko Ushida who is a master instructor of classes and events in the Tokai region of Honshu. Satomi's policy for making decorated sushi is that it looks yummy and tastes great.


Decorated sushi is a sophisticated application of sushi skills. Satomi has learned and developed many varieties of decorated sushi. They are both artistic and creative, not just colouring rice and shaping. That’s too easy and the taste is boring. Quality is achived using a variety of ingredients combining flavours and different textures. 


As a pioneer of decorated sushi instruction in European countries, Satomi will provide fun and easy to follow decorated sushi classes for everyone.


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