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What Sushi Art Surrey offers for your special event is colourful, fun, and tasty sushi! For your party, get-together, function, fund-raiser, or corporate function, such as birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, hen's parties, baby showers, and any special occasions, enjoy the rich and satisfying range of delicious treats only Sushi Art Surrey offers. Please contact us.


We use the freshest ingredients responsibly sourced. If you prefer a specific ingredient to that which we ordinarily would use then we are open to request, such as with vegetarian diet, or for people with certain allergies.


Whatever the occasion for your gathering, Sushi Art Surrey will provide a variety of decorated sushi. You can choose any pattern of sushi as well. 


The Standard sushi platter contains two decorated Sushi rolls from your selection making eight pieces of decorated sushi surrounded by traditional sushi rolls and Nigiri making a total of between 36 and 42 sushi pieces.


We have several categories of decorated sushi, calculated by the complication of the process and the amount of time each different kind of sushi take to prepare. 

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